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What is Hometown Values?

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Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Many people have. But startups can demand a large financial investment, and there is never a guarantee that the business will be successful. There are too many risks involved for most people to seriously consider the possibility of starting their own business.

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But what if things were different? What if there was a business opportunity that offered training, resources, and information that would enable you to start your own business with little risk and substantial returns? Such an opportunity exists. Hometown Values’ direct mail business opportunity offers individuals across the nation the chance to start their very own small business.

Direct Mail Business Opportunity

Hometown Values is a coupon magazine that contains a selection of coupons from local businesses. The magazine is updated and maintained by a local area publisher. The primary job of area publishers is to connect local businesses with their consumers by offering valuable coupons in the magazine.

How Does it Work?

An area publisher gets in contact with local merchants that might be interested in including a coupon in the Hometown Values magazine. The area publisher collects information from the merchant and contacts one of Hometown Values’ professional graphic designers to design and create the magazine. The costs of designing, printing, and mailing the magazine is generally about three to four cents per home. All the merchants featured in the magazine contribute toward the cost of printing and postage for the magazine.

What Makes This Opportunity Unique?

Hometown Values’ direct mail business opportunity is ideal for two main reasons:

1. Training

Every new area publisher is given access to private training videos that equip them to run and maintain a local Hometown Values magazine as their very own small business. Hometown values also offers personal mentorship and other training resources to prepare new business owners for success.

The experience of running a small business gives individuals the opportunity to gain valuable experience in marketing and sales. After finishing with the direct mail business opportunity, many people have gone on to start other successful businesses with the training they received through Hometown Values.

2. Expense

While other business startups cost thousands of dollars, participation costs in Hometown Values’ direct mail business opportunity are as low as $500 dollars. New business owners can see major profits within the first issue of the magazine. Other small business demand months to years of time and investment before they turn a profit.

When it comes to printing and shipping magazines, all of the merchants listed in the magazine share the postage and printing expenses, demanding little from you as the business owner. There are no major financial risks associated with the success or failure of your business endeavor with Hometown Values.

Could I Qualify for This Opportunity?

If you are someone who is a self-starter, goal oriented, and have good people skills, you might qualify for this incredible sales opportunity with Hometown Values. Outside sales experience can be beneficial, but it is not a requirement. Our training resources can provide you with all the skills and information that you will need to be successful.

If you are itching to start your own business and be your own boss, this is the opportunity for you. To get more information, contact us today by filling out our contact form, and we would be happy to tell you more about our direct mail business opportunity.

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