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How To Be An Excellent Salesman In 5 Simple Steps

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Being a salesman can be a daunting and difficult task. There are so many elements that play into whether you can successfully make a sale or not.

We would like to take a moment to address several of these elements individually and educate you on the best way to handle each one of them. And soon — you will be on your way to being the best salesman you can be!


The job role of a salesman fulfills a particular kind of marketing position. People are not necessarily coming to you for your product or service, you are required to seek them out, make a good impression, convince them of their need for your product, and then make the sale.

In any case, the sale starts with you. You are responsible to carry your client from start to finish. You make the first impression, and you can either spend the rest of your time reconstructing that impression or building upon it. That being said, here are 5 tips that can help you improve your sales.

Know What You’re Selling

Depending on the kind of salesman you are, you may or may not be able to anticipate the types of clients you come in contact with. This is okay if you know what you’re selling.

Take time to intentionally learn the ins and outs of the service or product you are selling. Think of questions people might to know the answers to, and learn those answers. In doing this, you are giving yourself the ability to calmly and confidently address any questions your potential clients might have for you.

As you learn more about your client’s needs, you will also be able to draw their attention to certain elements of your product or service that could meet their specific needs. Solidifying your understanding of the purpose, process, and effect of your product or service will help you know how to meet the needs of your clients.

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Get excited

Selling others your product requires that you be sold first. After having done some research into your product, if you do not see the value and potential it has for other people, either keep looking or work somewhere else. You should be sold on your own product before you can sell others the same thing.

If you have found a product or service that you really like and love, you will enjoy several benefits. Not only will you enjoy selling it, but you will be able to know it better and your excitement will be visible to your clients. This can actually help you make a sale. When they see that your product is something you care about, they will consider caring about it too.

Perfect Your Presentation

As we mentioned earlier, everyone makes a first impression. You want yours to be a good one. A solid opening sales pitch can help make a good first impression, and a knowledge of your product and your clients needs will help you know how to finish the job.

The reality of sales is that whether you have a script or not, you are always presenting. Body language, word selection, eye contact, reactions and responses, all communicate something to your client. A presentation that communicates responsibility, security, and conviction will take you far in marketing.

People are attracted to businesses that offer clear and direct information. Always work to clear the clutter and answer questions directly. Your job is to make it easy for your client to see that your product or service is the one they want. Hazy responses will hurt your credibility.

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Be Honest

There will be many times when clients will ask you questions you don’t know the answers to. Often, in an effort to maintain a good impression, salesmen will guess at the answer. This can be dangerous. More often than not, their clients can see right through them and they end up damaging their credibility.

Instead, be honest and admit you don’t know, and then commit to finding the answer. While this may be uncomfortable, it will demonstrate integrity to your client. It will also give you an opportunity to do more research and prepare a strong response for the next time the question is asked.

Learn The Tactics

Just as you invested time in knowing your product, investigate the various marketing tactics different salespeople have discovered over the years. Applying a little pressure to possible clients by provoking a small amount of curiosity, uncertainty, or doubt is a tactic salesmen have developed to help move potential sales along.

Applying these tips can require time and margin for you to learn what works and what does not. Here at Hometown Values, we have a unique opportunity for you to learn how how to put these tips into action.

We offer practical training and put people in real life sales situations that teach them the skills and techniques involved in sales. This opportunity has equipped many people with what they need to become excellent salesmen. For more information about our direct mail opportunity, visit our website at

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