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How Business Training with Hometown Values is an Opportunity for Aspiring Businessmen

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Hometown Values is offering a unique opportunity for aspiring businessmen the Greater Seattle area. Those that choose to join Hometown Values team, will receive useful business training, mentoring, experience, and guidance in their goals at starting their own business.

Hometown Values partners get to meet with local businesses to create a magazine full of coupons for customers in and around Everett, Kirkland, and the Greater Seattle area. Hometown Values’ employees then have the opportunity to manage and work with different areas to better develop their clientele and magazine content, all while under the guidance and direction of experienced entrepreneurs.


This direct mail business opportunity gives Hometown Values partners a chance to learn skills and gain experience that can later help them to launch their own businesses. Here are 3 specific ways Hometown Values has equipped their employees to become successful businessmen.

1. Business Training / Mentorship

The first several weeks of work at Hometown Values will be solely focused on training. Business organization, marketing, selling tactics, and much more are all covered in the initial weeks. All that is learned during this time is practical information that employees can use during their partnership with Hometown Values and after they have started their own business.

Jim Lee, owner of Hometown Values, hosts a conference annually that focuses on every aspect of business opportunities. In addition, personal mentoring is available, as well as videos and tools online.

Hometown Values is dedicated to ensuring that their employees have the skills and information they need to be able to learn and grow with Hometown Values, training up a generation of business entrepreneurs that are business savvy so that they can be successful in their careers.

2. Low Starting Costs – Big Returns

Unlike other business opportunities that demand thousands of dollars in order to participate, Hometown Values offers area publishing rights for as little as $500 dollars. The training is virtually free, and employees have the opportunity to start earning returns on their investment with the very first issue.

The first few months of business training at Hometown Values are packed with information, but those that are willing to commit themselves to learning and hard work could start to see returns as big as $30-60K per year.

3. Become a Business Owner

Beyond providing a great business opportunity at a low cost with great returns, Hometown Values seeks to prepare their employees for the future. The wide variety of skills that can be learned through the direct mail business opportunity equips employees to start their own business and ensure its success.

Even for those that are unsure about whether or not they want to start their own business, Hometown Values is a wonderful way for them to get their feet wet. Without committing large amounts of money, Hometown Values’ direct mail business opportunity comes at a low cost with lots of experience.

If you’re considering the possibility of starting your own business, or would like an opportunity to get hands on experience with marketing and business management, contact Hometown Values today and inquire about their direct mail business opportunity.

Join the team, and start creating your own future!

For corporate inquiries, please contact
Jim Lee at 206-261-0752
(Seattle. WA. USA)

Mailing Address: 7919 77th ST NE, Marysville, WA 98270

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